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Welcome to Slash and Chill!

Jake Perry seen here at the release for the film Tapeworm 2

Slash and Chill started officially in 2017, but the seeds go back DECADES. I caught myself saying "We should make that movie" all of the time and through my whole life. One day I got sick of saying and and decided to do it. I didn't know what I was doing but I knew we were to start filming Saturday (4 days away with nothing but an idea. Well I quickly gathered basic necessities to start filming (literally only a Sony Handycam off craigslist) and Saturday we were off to the races with only the ideas in my head and having to give lines to the actors on the spot, and by actors i mean a couple of friends I had duped into helping me along side my older kids that helped both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. and we began creating CEREAL KILLER ALIEN WEREWOLVES!
Fast forward a couple of years with more experience and education we moved into bigger films LIMITED HORIZONS and TAPEWORM 2 our group had grown within the community, now we had a few actual actors and people willing to help out. Slash and Chill just continued growing from there, making the movies that WE wanted to see. We do as much as we can without much of a budget. We miss the originality of the old days where you had some messed up creature and a bunch of laughs, so that's what we do,
Slash and chill will continue to grow but it's only by the support of the community (meaning you who sat through all of my rambling)  that we are able to continue. I really and thoroughly appreciate each and every one of you, and ALWAYS remember...... ONWARD WE GO ALONE, UPWARD WE GO TOGETHER! 

Fast forward a couple 

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